18 Apr 2019

Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory refers to the provision of tailor-made and suitable recommendations on various financial strategies and specific instruments. [...]

17 Apr 2019

Who we can help: Personal and Family

Many clients come to us for financial advice, on all important life stages. [...]

16 Apr 2019

What are Financial Reporting Solutions

The responsibility a business has on their proper finance function so it can produce a growing horde of financial and other reports, can place additional pressure on a team... [...]

15 Apr 2019

Helping Business

At C.Efstathiou Audit we have a clientele all different and with individual needs. [...]

13 Apr 2019

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing regulations govern intercompany pricing for goods, services, royalties and loans between companies in a cross- border context. [...]

12 Apr 2019


Audit and assurance services provided by a qualified team to deliver high value and quality results to our clients. [...]

11 Apr 2019

Impacts of CRS and FATCA

CRS and FATCA have an impact on both Financial and Non Financial Entities... [...]

10 Apr 2019

What we can do for you

Here, at C.Efstathiou Audit, our team of professionals are here to offer you advice and support on the technical and operational consequences of both FATCA and CRS. [...]

09 Apr 2019

What is CRS?

The OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS), is a global standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information.... [...]

08 Apr 2019

What is FATCA

In an effort to stop tax avoidance, the US Congress passed The Foreign Account Tax... [...]