04 Jul 2017

Transfer Pricing Study - Group financing Companies

With effect from 1 July 2017, any Cyprus tax resident company carrying out intra-group financing transactions must prepare and submit to the Cyprus Tax Authorities a Transfer Pricing study supporting each intra-group financing transaction. [...]

03 Aug 2016

Significant Tax Law Amendments

Companies (including permanent establishments of foreign companies) will be entitled to a NID on equity [...]

11 Aug 2015

August 2015

We would like to inform our clients that our offices will remain open during August and services will be offered with no interruption. [...]

21 Jul 2015

Tax Legislation amendments in Cyprus

On 9 July, 2015 the Cyprus House of Representatives passed a series of tax amendments. [...]

12 May 2015

Welcome to our Website!

C. Efstathiou Audit Ltd would like to welcome you to our website. [...]